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We can chrome spray almost any surface

What is chrome spraying?

Chrome spray can be used over any surface that can be primed. We have successfully chromed over wood, glass, plastics, carbon fibre, 3D prints, all metals and even a banana! Chrome spraying works extremely well over car filler so any item can be reworked as new.

FX Chrome Spray

It represents the most advanced technology in the production of effects paints, producing a high-grade chrome metal look or even the effect of polished aluminium.

It is applied with a conventional spray gun and can be coated over almost any paintable surface. This finish is very comparable to traditional chromium coatings.

The magic

Silver nitrate coating system produces a perfect mirror finish on almost any product, giving the impression of real metal plating. A layer of real silver is deposited on the surface to create an unbeatable chrome finish.

Whats the trick?

Two chemicals create a chemical reaction, with 99-percent distilled water as a carrier agent, the deposition occurs when the two chemicals are mixed on the surface of the part at a ratio that’s conducive to producing a metallic chrome finish.


Chrome Spraying

Black Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Bronze Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Silver Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Magenta Chrome

Chrome Spraying


Chrome Spraying

Gold Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Red Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Green Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Iridescent Blue Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Dark Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Champagne Gold Chrome

Chrome Spraying

Aged Bronze Chrome

Our Services

We are able to offer our Chrome spray and fxChrome spray services in our well-equipped workshop.

Please contact us today about your project by phone or email for a competitive quotation. There’s no obligation at all, just friendly, down-to-earth, helpful advice.

The future is Chrome spray

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